Rikomagic rk802 iiis tips and tricks

This page lists some tips, tricks and tools for the Rikomagic rk802 iiis, an android based stick-computer that works great as a media center. However, make sure to buy an usb-ethernet adapter, as it seems currently the wifi driver is somewhat wonky.

If you need to reach me privately, you can do so at email: webrhzarmiento.net. But otherwise, please use the disqus comment system at the end of this page to leave feedback, etc.

I have a personal message to poke64738, the author of USB/BT Joystick Center (I have not found any way to contact them): can you please post an announcement in your read-only forums or in the market info to tell us where to turn with bug reports on your software?, thanks.

Wiimote support on rk802 iiis bluetooth (and likely other rockship rk3066-based stick models)

Explanation of why this is tricky
Stick computers do not typically have touchscreens. USB/BT Joystick center, the only software I know on the market that supports wiimote IR control, needs a touchscreen device to inject wiimote touch events to, resulting in the error message "No touchscreen found". I have managed to get a compatible virtual_touchscreen working as a loadable kernel module. It is based on the github virtual_touchscreen driver by Vitaly Shukela found here: https://github.com/vi/virtual_touchscreen/

The below steps worked for me. In my personal opinion, none of these steps appear "dangerous". However, if you try to follow these instructions and things break, you are responsible, not me. Make sure to always have backups. The provided instructions and software comes with absolutely no warranties.

Stuff you need:
  1. A rk802iiis (on stock kernel), or a device running a binary kernel module compatible kernel. The device must be rooted (which I think stock rk802iiis should be) (I'm living in Sweden and got mine from mhbutiken, which delivered the unit very quickly.)
  2. A wiimote device. (I have only tested the original Nintendo one, without Wii motion plus)
  3. Some kind of Wiimote sensor bar. You can simply keep a Wii + sendor bar turned on. I have a wireless sensorbar (Gamestop branded Madcatz) that I could power via a micro USB port. Connected to my TV USB it stays on only when the TV is on, which seems pretty much ideal.
  4. Buy and install USB/BT Joystick center 6 from the android market.
  5. Also install the Joy2Touch Sever addon.
  6. Download my kernel module virtual_touchscreen.ntts.ko and place it on the rk802iiis, in the normal Download folder (/sdcard/Download). Note: to make sure it is legit, you should only download it from me, i.e., use a download link at: http://www.dewmill.com/rikomagic.html
  7. Some way of getting a shell prompt on your device. Easiest is android terminal emulator (But if you like remote access and know how to connect by ssh there is DropBear SSH Server II. Note: the default login is any username and password: 42.)
Step-by-step wiimote howto:
  1. Open a shell prompt on your mk802iiis (e.g., start android terminal emulator) and run the following commands:
    cd /sdcard/Download
    insmod virtual_touch.ntts.ko
  2. When running the insmod command, if you get no error message in the shell, things are good. A message about missing symbols means your kernel is too different (sorry!). Don't worry if you get a dialog box saying that the launcher has crashed, that is normal.
  3. Start the USB/BT Joystick Center (NOT the Joy2Touch Server). At the very top there are a number of switches. Make sure IME and BT are on (if not, click on them and follow instructions).
  4. Turn on the "J>T" switch. This is the critical step! If my virtual_touchscreen driver works, you get a message that the Joy2touch server is started (protocol B). If the driver is not working (or if you try without running the insmod command) you get "Touchscreen missing".
  5. Open the battery compartment of your Wiimote. There should be a small red button here. Press it. All blue LEDs should start flashing. (Alternatively, you can also press button 1+2 at the same time. However, this will only work if you do not have your Wii turned on (i.e., for using the sensor bar)
  6. Press the 'SEARCH' button on the left side of the screen. A button "Wii Remote Bluetooth (1)" should pop up on screen. Press this button.
  7. The row of small buttons that show up below the big one are things you can map onto the Wiimote buttons. Click first on an onscreen button and then physically press the wiimote button you want to map it on.
  8. Map as follows: 'Wii-IR On/Off' on the wiimote 'home' button, 'Wii-IR button' on 'A', 'Wii-IR Cali' on '-'.
  9. Quit USB/BT Joystick center by pressing the android "back" button (the bent arrow on the bottom black bar) until it quits. DO NOT exit by pressing the home button. (I'm unsure how important this is, but there appeared to be issues with this discussed in the Joy2touch forums)
  10. Now press the 'home' button on your Wiimote and waggle it around. If everything works, you should see a ring on screen that you can move around. You "push" using the 'A' button.
  11. Try to "drag" the wiimote pointer with wiimote button 'A' held down to switch android home screen. If it works, then all is good. Congratulations!
  12. If dragging does not work or seems wonky, try to drag the wiimote pointer "up" or "down" with 'A' held. If this switches home screen horizontally, there is X/Y axis confusion. I DO NOT YET KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS! If this happens, turn off your rk802iiis, turn it back on, and re-do all the steps 1-6 and then 8-11. It seems to be about 50/50 chance for this problem to appear (sorry!)
A few comments:
  • Everytime you powercycle, you need to repeat 1-6, 9-12. Clever users can probably automize some of the steps.
  • There is no "auto off" for the wiimote. The easiest way to turn it off I have found is to press the small red button in the battery compartment and then just wait 30 sek while it flashes, then shuts down. To turn it on again: 1. Start USB/BT Joy center. 2. Press the red battery compartment button on the wiimote. 3. Click 'search' in joy center (the wiimote should sync). 4. Close USB/BT Joy Center.
  • Wii buttons 1 and 2 switches between true wiimote pointing, and mouse emulation. This may be useful.
  • Depending on your setup, wiimote jitter can make it quite difficult to click on things (as opposed to dragging). This would require a fix in the Joystick Center software. It may help a bit to rest the top of the Wiimote on your other hand while aiming and clicking.
Good luck! If it works and you are happy, please leave a positive comment below under Feedback. (If you are really happy, feel free to send a tip via paypal ;) (there is button at the very top right of this page) )

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